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Ontario welcomes more Francophone newcomers than any other province (excluding Quebec). GTA alone, counts a francophone population of about 110 000, constantly increasing. Now this population is scattered and few federated and meeting post-installation difficulties integrating into the labor market.

In this sense, The Know How is distinguished by a unique and innovative project to increase opportunities to prosper in the labor market and business in Ontario:

  • Allow participants of the « know-how » to adapt their skills, acquire transferable skills that will enable them to excel in new areas of work, or to direct their careers to achieve better positions or wages.
  • Encourage Francophones to become savvy entrepreneurs to stimulate innovation, productivity, job creation and economic growth in a labor market that offers less and less job security for the French community. The business education, networking opportunities and access to capital will support them in their personal development and create successful businesses for themselves and for Ontario.
  • Develop social ties in a scattered community and enable Francophones to meet, to support and to undertake together will promote the dynamism of the whole community.