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Mentoring for entrepreneurs in the Franco-Ontarian community

Benefit from a complete support service and the required resources in order to properly support the creation of your own business


Designed to help new comers integrate into the job market on a long term basis

Update your skills in order to be recognized by employers and quickly acquire Canadian professional working experience


Networking space on employment and entrepreneurship

Stay up to date with the latest opportunities and access a network of strategic contacts to develop your career

The Know – How

Key Issues

One of the crucial challenges of successful immigration is employment. How are the employment needs of francophone immigrants addressed? How can one facilitate an efficient integration to the job market guaranteeing them income and a quality of life matching their expectations? How can newcomers contribute via entrepreneurship to the blooming of the Franco-Torontonian and Franco-Ontarian community?


The Know-How is a Not for Profit organization that focuses on putting forth professional expertise as well as successful entrepreneurship initiatives for Franco-Ontarians. It also puts forth programs adapted to the community by giving keys to the job market and entrepreneurship in Canada to immigrants from visible minorities.

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Ontario welcomes more Francophone newcomers than any other province (excluding Quebec). GTA alone, counts a francophone population of about 110 000, constantly increasing. Now this population is scattered and few federated and meeting post-installation difficulties...


There are thousands of programs with varying eligibility criteria, deadlines and application processes. The program landscape changes over time as new programs are introduced, existing programs are stopped as funding is exhausted or eliminated altogether. Unlike most...


This credit is part of a movement to encourage development within the creative sector, and is intended to help the Canadian digital media industry compete on an international level. In order to qualify for the tax credit, the product has to have its primary purpose as...


Let's consider an example – John and Jane are a married couple. John earns $135,000 a year while Jane earns $30,000. Jane saves $20,000 and invests that total amount which later increases by 50% (a value of $10,000). Her total taxable income is now $40,000 for the...